1. How does the Pro-X cleaning process deliver better results?

Answer: Our system starts with a floor solvent which helps lift years of dirt and grime without use of acid or other harmful chemicals. We use a high pressure washer with a spinning arm to blast away the dirt. Another tool is brought in to clean around edges, fully rinse, and dry the floor.

2. Do you move furniture?

Answer: We prefer to clean open and exposed flooring. Moving furniture increases the likelihood of scratching the floor or breaking something. If it's small and simple, or if you request, we will happily move what we can. However, excessive furniture obstacles can drastically increase your service time or make it difficult to deliver the best results. High clearance items like tables are just fine, of course.

3. Do you sell me additional treatments or services during the visit?

Answer: Absolutely NOT.

4. Do you need access to water at the property?

Answer: Yes. A regular outdoor garden faucet is all that's needed.

5. Do you need access to power (electricity) at the property?

Answer: No, not necessarily if there is natural light.

6. My cleaning project doesn't really fall into your Flat Rate Pricing. What should I do?

Answer: Call or text Pro-X at 405-607-9800 for a quick quote over the phone.

​7. Do you clean vertical shower tiles as well?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. We only clean flooring.

8. How soon can I walk on the floor after it's cleaned?

Answer: You can walk on the freshly-rinsed floor immediately.

9. Do you offer floor sealing?
Answer: No, we currently do not. Our cleaning process doesn't strip the original sealer which is typically recommended before applying a new layer. 

10. I haven't ever used Pro-X before. How can I be sure I'll be satisfied?

Answer: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Tile Floor Cleaning

Simple, Flat Rate Pricing (Residential)

We offer flat rate pricing for homes under 2,500 square feet in total size. For larger homes, contact us for a personalized quote. We also offer discounts if you are having your tile and carpet cleaned in one visit. Please contact us via phone, text, or email if your project doesn't fall into one of the options below.

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Tile Needs Maintenance Too!

Do your tile floors look darkened and worn out? Do your feet turn black after walking across them? Being naturally porous, tile and grout offer the perfect hiding spot for dirt, grease, and grime. 

The great news is that it's not too late! Having your floors professionally deep cleaned can help restore their original beauty.

The key to great hard floor cleaning is complete extraction of the dirty water. For this reason, mopping or scrubbing by itself can never produce results that our commercial tile cleaning system can.