Your Dryer Needs to Breathe!

Even the newest, top of the line dryer will be rendered useless if your vent line is clogged. A dryer works by pushing hot, dry air into the tumbler. This hot air evaporates moisture out of your wet clothes and is then exhausted via the vent behind the dryer. The air is meant to travel unrestricted through the vent line in your walls and out to the exterior of the house. 

Should this humid air not freely exhaust, the moisture in the tumbler never escapes. This will cause your clothes to take several cycles to dry or never dry at all.

If your dryer is producing heat, but clothes aren't drying quickly, the most likely problem is the vent. Pro-X cleans clogged dryer vents anywhere in and around Oklahoma City.

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1. How is this cleaning performed?

Answer: Most of the cleaning is done from inside of your laundry room. We temporarily move the dryer aside and power brush/vacuum the duct from this connection point all the way to the exit point on the exterior of the home. The vent cover outside is also cleaned and inspected.

2. How long does this service take?

Answer: Our average time is about 45 minutes. Some small variables can increase or decrease this slightly.

3. How do you know the vent is cleaned out and unclogged when you're done?
Answer: We use a two-step verification method. The first indicator the vent has been cleared is by the air flow our vacuum experiences. When the vent is clogged, our vacuum struggles to maintain full air flow (much like your dryer!). Upon power scrubbing, there is a very noticeable pressure release which indicates restored air flow. If a dryer is present, we also verify air flow at the exit point outside of the house.

4. What if you can't remove the clog for some reason?

Answer: While this very rarely happens, we wouldn't charge you anything if it were the case.

5. My dryer is taking more than one cycle to dry. Is my dryer vent clogged?
Answer: If the dryer is producing heat, but you are having this issue, the dryer vent is responsible 99% of the time.

6. My dryer has a sensor that tells me to check the vent (or similar). Will this service correct this error?

​Answer: Yes it will. Some brands need to run 2-3 full cycles in order to reset the code after service, though.

7. Can a clogged dryer vent ruin my dryer?
Answer: Yes. Although it's not a perfect comparison, imagine blocking your car's exhaust pipe. The most common failure we see from a clogged vent is the dryer overheats due to it's inability to dissipate heat properly. This is in addition to poor performance occurring prior to this complete failure point.

8. My duct line has a booster fan installed. Do you clean those?

Answer: Although the vast majority of ducts don't have these, we do occasionally encounter them. If they are operational and accessible, we can probably clean the duct with no issue. Should the booster fan itself be the source of your clog, our service wouldn't cover that. We can refer you to someone who can help. We will not charge anything for our visit if this turns out to be the case.

9. How often should I have my dryer vent cleaned?

Answer: There are several variables to consider when answering this question. Many online sources recommend doing so once per year, but this may be excessive. Some things to consider are the length of your duct, it's path, the functionality of your exterior cover, and so on. We can provide a recommendation based on your specific system. 

10. Will you try to "up-sell" me stuff during your visit?

Answer: Absolutely not.

11. What does Pro-X's 6-Month or 1-Year Service Warranty Include?

Answer: If you experience any dryer vent issues within your warranty time, we will come out to inspect and clean once more for free. If your dryer has an air flow sensor which indicates a clog, this is also covered. This warranty is for your peace of mind and our assurance that the work was done right. Our cleaned dryer vents shouldn't experience issues for many years. (Not valid for commercial locations or activities)

12. I have gotten a brush or tool stuck in my duct while trying to clean it myself. Can you remove it?
Answer: Most of the time, we can retrieve the tool and clean the duct. This changes the service being performed and adds quite a bit more time, so we charge $150 (retrieval and cleaning). If we are unable to retrieve the stuck tool, however, we won't charge you anything and provide a referral depending on the issue. Contact us to book this service.


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