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Carpet Cleaning

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Simple, Flat Rate Pricing (Residential)

We offer flat rate pricing based on the overall size of your home. If you're unsure about your square footage, google search your address. Our "Whole Home" price includes all your carpeted rooms & halls (stairs extra). If your home or job scope doesn't fit into one of these categories, contact us via phone, text, or email for a quick quote.


*Competitor pricing retrieved via company website online quoting tools on 06/02/2020. Coupon codes or limited time offers were not applied, if any.

Clean Carpet, Fast Drying 

Regularly cleaning carpet will keep it looking good and your home feeling good. We use a powerful, truck-mounted machine and advanced techniques to breakdown dirt and clean your carpet better. Key features of our cleaning system:

  • Highest quality dirt, stain, and pet treatments (non-toxic)
  • 200 degree hot water extraction, aka Steam Cleaning
  • Ultra-powerful vacuum suction to remove dirty water

We use a rinsing agent to ensure your carpet will be left without residue, and our focused method leaves it dry within a few hours in typical conditions.

No High Pressure Sales, Bait-and-Switch Scams, or Annoying Tip Prompts EVER!

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Book an appointment with Pro-X using SetMore

​Truck-Mounted Cleaning. We don't use small portable machines.

1. What cleaning process do you use?

Answer: We use Hot Water Extraction, which is also known as steam cleaning.

2. What is hot-water extraction?

Answer: Strong, truck-mounted machines utilize this method. Our carpet tool sprays steaming hot water to remove the dirt from the carpet fibers. The spray includes a rinse agent which ensures no residue is left behind. Then, it vacuums up the soiled water. It's the same concept as a washing machine, but with stronger cleaners and hotter water.

3. What can I do to help the carpet dry faster?
Answer: We remove nearly all of the water out of the carpet, but it still needs to fully dry after we're done. The key to this is circulating dry air. You can do this by turning on ceiling fans, bathroom exhaust fans, keeping your A/C or Heater running, or opening windows. If you have a humidifier, make sure it's off.

4. How much time does it take to clean my home?

Answer: Depending on size, most jobs take 1-3 hours to complete. We can give you an estimated time, of course. 

5. Can you remove all stains?
Answer: We can remove nearly all food or product stains. There are exceptions though. If the stain has dyed the carpet fiber, usually cleaning won't be enough. It's the same reason that washing a red shirt, for example, can remove a mustard spot but not affect the overall color of the shirt. The second possible issue would be if the pad is fully saturated with a stain-causing substance. This may need a different remedy as well.

6. What about heavily worn high traffic areas?

​Answer: We can make them look their best, but damaged carpet fibers will always show wear versus the surrounding areas. Sharp mineral particles tracked in actually grind into the fabric when people walk over your carpet. This friction creates a tearing effect that strips down the quantity of carpet fibers making certain sections appear threadbare, dark, and worn. Regular vacuuming can help prevent this, but it is impossible to reverse the effect after it has occurred. We can pull all the dirt and grime out of it, but once it's worn enough to notice, it will never look new.

7. Do you move furniture?
​Answer: We recommend that all the carpet you want cleaned be exposed already. While we will happily move smaller pieces onrequest, there are a couple of reasons we'd advise against it. Firstly, moving things increases the risk that something can break, scratch, or be damaged. We don't take responsibility for damage unless it's caused by our negligence. Secondly, cleaned carpet should be allowed to dry while bare. Placing furniture back on damp fibers could end up transferring some color from the furniture piece to the carpet. Therefore, clearing out areas before your appointment is ideal. We can clean around beds, dressers, couches, etc and reach under tables and desks.

8. Do you require water or power at the property?
​Answer: We carry a fresh water tank and typically don't need to access water on the property. For some larger job, we may need a regular garden faucet. Our carpet cleaning machine does not require power (has engine). Power is not required, but it's recommended so that the A/C or heater can run to help dry the carpet.

9. Do you try and sell me additional treatments during your appointment?

Answer: Absolutely not. We don't sell you anything during the visit.

10. Do you clean apartments?

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not service apartments due to equipment access limitations. We do clean condos or townhouses that have a private driveway or non-carport parking with direct access to the door.

10. Do you clean sofas, upholstery, or vehicle carpet?
Answer: Unfortunately, we do not.

11. Do you clean rugs?
Answer: Yes we can clean nearly all rugs on site. We don't clean oriental, viscose, jute, silk, or other high end rugs. Wool rug manufacturers may not recommend hot water extraction as a cleaning method for their product (see if rug has tag with care instructions). Super thin rugs have a tendency to ripple along the edges or throughout due to moisture temporarily softening the weak backing.

12. We just remodeled, and the carpet has some paint overspray and/or drywall mud. Can you get that out?

Answer: No, unfortunately not.