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1. Payments: Payment is due immediately upon work completion for all residential service. Any payment terms or arrangement must be in writing, approved prior to the appointment, and include a penalty fee for late payments.

2. Landlord/Property Mangers: Payment for services at a managed property must be made in advance if the payer will not be on-site during the appointment time. We will not complete a service at a non-owner-occupied property without advanced payment, payment coming directly from the tenant, or the property owner/manager being on site to complete the transaction.

3. Weather: Assuming we can physically get to your job site, Pro-X typically won't cancel appointments due to inclement weather. We will happily accommodate cancellation or reschedule requests from customers, however.

4. Exterior Faucets: It's pretty rare, but we may use your exterior garden faucet. During winter months, we will not hook your hose back up after we're done (whether it was beforehand or not) to prevent damage from freezing. We will assume the garden faucet is in normal working order unless you tell us otherwise.

5. General Function: We will assume your home is in reasonable working order. If something is not in full working order, please alert us so we avoid using that item (faucet, electric, water, door stoppers, washer/dryers, etc). We will not take responsibility for something breaking or going wrong during typical use. 

6. Customer Cancellations: Pro-X does not charge a cancellation fee. However, we will refuse to provide service to a customer who performs a same-day cancellation (or rescheduling) on two appointments OR no-shows to one appointment we already to drive to.  We also reserve the right to decline service for what we deem unreasonable/frequent cancellations. Explanations or reasons outside of severe weather (icy roads, snow, thunderstorms) cannot be considered for this policy.

7. Flood Remediation: Pro-X does not provide water damage remediation or flood extraction. Our floor services are limited to cleaning only. If your carpet or flooring has been exposed to flooding, we recommend contacting a proper provider that can dry the pad/subfloor and eliminate risk of mold. Carpet cleaning service is not​ a substitute for this important step.

8. Commercial Service: We only offer residential service (homes).


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